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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe quotes


  • Welcome Peter, son of Adam. Welcome Susan and Lucy, daughters of Eve. And welcome to you, Beavers. You have my thanks. But where is the fourth?

  • If the witch understood the true meaning of sacrifice, she might have interpreted the Deep Magic differently, for when a willing victim who has committed no treachery, dies in a traitor’s stead, the stone table will crack and even death itself will turn backwards.

Lucy Pevensie

  • Narnia! It’s all in the wardrobe just like I told you!

Peter Pevensie

  • [to Mr. Beaver] I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!

Susan Pevensie

  • Peter, just because some man in a red coat gives you a sword it doesn’t make you a hero!

  • He’s a beaver, he shouldn’t be saying anything!

Edmund Pevensie

  • [mocking Lucy] Find any new countries in the cupboard lately?

Mr. Tumnus

  • Always winter, never Christmas.


:Lucy: [holds out her hand] Pleased to meet you.
:[Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand curiously]
:Lucy: Oh, you shake it.
:Mr. Tumnus: Why?
:Lucy: I don’t know. People do that when they meet each other.
:Edmund: Why can’t we play hide-and-seek again?
:Peter: I thought you said it was a kids game.
:Susan: Besides, we could all use the fresh air.
:Edmund: It’s not like there isn’t air inside….
:White Witch: What is your name, Son of Adam?
:Edmund: Uh, Edmund.
:White Witch: And how Edmund, did you come to enter my dominion?
:Edmund: I’m not sure. I was just following my sister.
:White Witch: Your sister? How many are you?
:Edmund: 4. Lucy’s the only one that’s been here before. She said she met some fawn called, Tumnus. Peter and Susan didn’t believe her. I didn’t either.
:White Witch: Edmund, you look so cold. Come and sit with me.

  • Edmund sits with the White Witch on her sleigh. The White Witch wraps him up in her robe*

:White Witch: Now, how about something hot to drink.
:Edmund: Yes please, your majesty.

  • The White Witch drops a few drops of her potion, which makes a hot drink appear. Ginarrbrik picks it up

:Ginarrbrik: Your drink sire!
:Edmund: How did you do that?
:White Witch: I can make anything you like.
:Edmund: Can you make me taller?
:White Witch:

  • chuckles* Anything you would like to eat.

:Edmund: Turkish Delight?

  • The White Witch drops a few drops of her potion, which makes a box of turkish delight appear. Ginarrbrik picks it up. The White Witch takes the empty goblet from Edmund and gives it to Ginarrbrik. Ginarrbrik throws the goblet and it turns to snow. Edmund eats the turkish delight

:White Witch: Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family.
:Edmund: Why? They’re nothing special!
:White Witch: Oh I’m sure they’re not nearly as delightful as you are.

  • wipes Edmund’s mouth with the Dwarf’s hat* But you see Edmund, I have no children of my own, and you are exactly the sort of boy who I could see one day becoming prince of Narnia, maybe even king.

:Edmund: Really?
:White Witch: Of course you would have to bring your family.
:Edmund: Uh, do you mean, Peter will be king too?
:White Witch: No. No no. But a king needs servants.
:Edmund: Uh, I guess I could bring them.

  • The White Witch shares the rest of the turkish delight with the dwarf*

:White Witch: Beyond these woods, see those two hills, my house is right between them. You’d love it there Edmund. It has whole rooms simply stuffed with Turkish Delight.
:Edmund: Couldn’t I have some more now?
:White Witch: No! Don’t want to ruin your appitite. Besides you and I are going to be seeing each other again very soon aren’t we?
:Edmund: I hope so, your majesty.
:White Witch: Until then dear one, hmm I’m going to miss you

  • Ginarrbrik and White Witch ride away on their sleigh*

Mr. Beaver, Tumnus’s arrest, the secret police, it’s all happening on account of you.
Susan Pevensie, you’re blaming us?
Mrs. Beaver, no. not blaming, thanking you.
Mr. Beaver, there’s a prophesy :-
:Mr. Beaver: “When Adam’s Flesh and Adam’s bone sits in Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done”.
:Susan: You know, that doesn’t really rhyme.
:Mr. Beaver: Yeah, I know it don’t, but you’re kind of missing the point!
Mrs Beaver : It has long been foretold that two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve, will defeat the White Witch and restore peace to Narnia.
Susan Pevensie, and you think we’re the ones?
Mr. Beaver, well you’d better be, because Aslan’s already fitted out you’re army!
Susan Pevensie, Our army? Mum sent us away so we wouldn’t get caught up in a war.
:[About to cross a rapidly melting ice bridge]
:Susan: Shouldn’t we think about this for a minute?
:Peter: We don’t have a minute.
:Susan: I’m just trying to be realistic…
:Peter: [annoyed] No, you’re just trying to be smart! As usual!
:Mrs. Beaver: You’ve been sneaking second helpings, haven’t you?
:Mr. Beaver: Well, you never know if your next meal’s going to be your last. Especially with your cooking.
:Aslan: “To the glistening Eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy, the valiant. To the great Western wood I give you King Edmund The Just. To the radiant Southern sun, I give you Queen Susan, the gentle, and to the great Northern sky, I give you King Peter, the magnificent. Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen, may your wisdom grace us till the stars rain down from the heavens.”
:Aslan: That is Cair Paravel, Castle of the four thrones. In one of which you will sit, as High King. [Peter looks down] You doubt the prophecy?
:Peter: No, that’s just it. Aslan, I’m not who you think I am.
:Aslan: Peter Pevensie, formerly of Finchley. Beaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat. [chuckles] Peter, there is a deep magic more powerful than any of us. It defines right from wrong. It over sees all our destinies. Yours, and mine.
:Peter: But I couldn’t reach out over my own family.
:Aslan: You brought them safely this far.
:Peter: Not all of them.
:Aslan: Peter, I will do what I can to save your brother. But I need you to consider what I ask of you. I too want my family safe.


  • Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.

  • There are many stories of Narnia. The first is about to be told.

  • The White Witch Cometh

  • Aslan Is On The Move

  • Evil Has Reigned For 100 Years…


  • Georgie Henley – Lucy Pevensie

  • Skandar Keynes – Edmund Pevensie

  • Anna Popplewell – Susan Pevensie

  • William Moseley – Peter Pevensie

  • Tilda Swinton – White Witch

  • James McAvoy – Mr. Tumnus, the Faun

  • Liam Neeson – Aslan (voice)

  • Ray Winstone – Mr. Beaver (voice)

  • Dawn French – Mrs. Beaver (voice)

  • Rupert Everett – Fox (voice)

  • Cameron Rhodes – Gryphon (voice)

  • Philip Steuer – Philip the Horse (voice)

  • Jim May – Vardan (voice)

  • Sim Evan-Jones – Wolf (voice)

  • Jim Broadbent – Professor Kirke

  • Kiran Shah – Ginarrbrik

  • James Cosmo – Father Christmas

  • Judy McIntosh – Mrs. Pevensie

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