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Madea's Family Reunion quotes

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  • It ain’t what people call you, it’s what you answer to.

  • I had to fight, all my life…I luz hahpo, Gahd knows I do! But I kill him dead fo’ I let him beat me!

  • You don’t know me, I’m from the old school honey. I will beat the hell outta’ you first and ask questions later!

  • Lil’ girl, if you don’t stop POPPIN’ THAT GUM-!

  • You don’t know me! I’m a thug! I’m a real thug! I shot Tupac! That’s right, we was arguin’ over a parking space. I didn’t kill him though, that wasn’t me!

  • I’ll take the prision for 200 Alex

  • [after being told by the girl i don't like you ether old lady] she trying to get me the electric chair all ready.

  • I only go to church for weddings and funerals. I wonder what i’m going for today?


  • I just said I was sorry .

  • Do you wanna leave me? DO YOU WANNA LEAVE ME !?

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