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Black Dynamite quotes

Black Dynamite

  • Shh, mama, you gonna wake up the rest of the bitches.

  • Tiny, get pimpin’ Jake out of my trunk, tell him, “the rest of my money by Wednesday or I’ll make him stick himself.”

  • Mama, you can bet yo sweet ass and half a titty whoever ordered the hit on you has already got the pigs in they back pocket.

  • Who the hell’s interrupting my Kung Fu?!

  • I know I was the best CIA agent the CIA ever had, but I thought I told you honkies from the CIA that Black Dynamite was out of the game!

  • Listen sucka. I’m blacker than the ace of spades and more militant than you and your whole damned army put together. And while you’re out there chanting at rallies and brow beating politicians, I’m taking out any money frontin’ sucker on a humble that gets in my way, so I’ll tell you what. When your so-called Revolution starts, you call me and I’ll be right down in front showing you how it’s done. But until then, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP when grown folks is talkin!

  • The worst thing about these dealers getting children addicted to this new smack, is that these children are ORPHANS…. And orphans don’t have parents.

  • It may be bigger than you and it may be bigger than me but, it’s not bigger than you and me! Can you dig it?

  • (after killing a donut costume-wearing assassin) Donuts don’t wear alligator shoes.

  • Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrifications is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery.

  • I’d like to take the credit but dig mama, there’s no “I” in “revolut” …in “team.”

  • Now that the man has our backs to the wall, I ain’t gonna let em hurt the kids.

  • You can hit the streets or the sheets, it don’t make me no nevermind. That’s your bag, baby. You can go or you can come, can you dig it?

  • (to Patricia Nixon) First Lady, I’m sorry I pimp slapped you into that china cabinet.

  • (throws eyeballs at Fiendish Dr. Wu) You told him to keep an eye out for me.

  • You diabolical dick shrinkin’ motherfuckers!

  • Haha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!

  • Do you see where I’m coming from you jive motherfucker!

  • (firing missiles at an island from a helicopter) Take that, you dick-shrinkin’ island!


  • You know he came around here about a week ago, with some cats that I had never seen before. Man I mean these cats looked mean! Meaner than two fat motherfuckers wrestling over pork chops greens, can you dig it?

  • Go get Chicago Wind before he disappears. I’ll take care of this gorilla eatin’ goon here!

  • Oh, you’s a corn-fed fool with a lot of muscle mass. But it’s time for Bullhorn to get up in that ass!


  • O’Leary: I’ve already taken the liberty of re-issuing your license to kill.

  • Gloria: I hope you don’t think that means you can have some of this cookie because if I offered you some of this cookie, this cookie might kill you.

  • Honeybee: Black Dynamite, I want to thank you for taking care of us when we was down and out, and didn’t have no pimp.

  • Honeybee: They replaced the chain on your nunchucks, and oiled the bearings.


:Black Dynamite: Now you be cool, baby, Bee here will keep you tight and outta sight. Dynamite’s gonna shake the tree from the roots, rake up the fruits, rip it up out the ground to find out what’s goin down. Don’t worry bout tomorrow cause tonight, Dyna-
:Euphoria: Dynamite’s gonna make it all right!
:Black Dynamite: Euphoria, shut the fuck up! I know that was you, I ain’t even gotta look! I should send you back to Crenshaw Pete with his hot-ass coat hangers, bitch, would you like that?!
:Gloria: So you’re one of those Tom Slick brothers that think they can get by on good looks, a wink and a smile, huh?
:Black Dynamite: Tom Slick – no. But thank you for the compliment.
:Gloria (trying to cover): No, I didn’t mean that. Not that I think you have good looks. I just mean, y’know these guys with their-
:Black Dynamite: Winks and smiles?
:Gloria: Yeah
:Black Dynamite: [winks]
:Gloria: Well what about the smile?
:Black Dynamite (deadpan serious): I am smiling
:O’Leary: We heard about your brother’s death and we don’t want you running around turning the streets into rivers of blood.
:Black Dynamite: Then tell me who did it and I’ll just leave a puddle.
:Afrodity: I get off in 15 minutes!
:Black Dynamite: You right about that, Sugar.
:Valet: Bullhorn, do you want anything?
:Bullhorn: Yes, I would like some of that ass.
:Doctor: Black Dynamite, I mean really!
:Black Dynamite: Hey man, you shouldn’t of sent her in here with them titties. What you expect?
:Doctor: You’re lucky, Black Dynamite. Three inches to the left and we wouldn’t be having this conversation
:Black Dynamite: Three inches to the right and he would’ve missed my black ass.
:Black Dynamite: Bullhorn, Cream Corn says he can help us find the men we’re looking for. What do you think?
:Bullhorn: I think we should put our ankles in it!
:Shawanda: My Mama said my Daddy’s name is Black Dynamite.
:Brikwilla: So did my mama.
:Black Dynamite: Uh, hush up little girls, lotta cats have that name.


  • He’s super bad. He’s outta sight. He’s Black Dynamite.

  • He’s a powder keg of black fury that’s about to explode!

  • Hundred dollar suits. Ten thousand dollar cars. Million dollar ladies.


  • Michael Jai White — Black Dynamite

  • Tommy Davidson — Cream Corn

  • Byron Minns — Bullhorn

  • Kevin Chapman — O’Leary

  • Salli Richardson — Gloria

  • Arsenio Hall — Tasty Freeze

  • Kym Whitley – Honeybee

  • Mykelti Williamson – Chicago Wind

  • Phil Morris – Saheed

  • James McManus – Richard Nixon

Source: Wikiquote