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Bioethics quotes


  • The actual purpose of bioethics is to educate the public regarding the implications of developing scientific and medical technologies so that our society can make informed choices. What makes the field so robust is that it embraces a wide swath of intellectual and political viewpoints. Contemporary bioethics is as much the product of the writing of traditionalists such as Leon Kass and neoconservatives like Francis Fukuyama as it is of progressive utilitarians who admire Peter Singer.
  • Jacob M. Appel, “Diversity in Suspense”, The American Spectator (July 09, 2009)

  • “The use of fetuses as organ and tissue donors is a ticking time bomb of bioethics.”
  • Arthur Caplan, bioethicist, quoted in Joe Levine, “Help From the Unborn Fetal-cell,” Time (June 24, 2001)

  • [Bioethics] is “a phony branch of elite philosophy whose principle purpose seems to be to justify allowing badly ill or disabled people to die.”
  • Larry Thornberry, “The Dean of Suspense”, The American Spectator (July 08, 2009)

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