Tempe AZ Business and ASU

Tempe-town-lakeTempe Arizona is home to many different businesses. It has a vibrant Community of researchers and investors partly driven by the fact that Arizona State University resides there. As a matter of fact, ASU contributes greatly to the ASU Research Park. This is a place where the sharing and benefits of the research University meet with corporate America. The ASU Research Park is quite large at 320 Acres. Many Progressive technical businesses call it home. They do this because for certain uses of the park the company’s benefit by the fact that the property taxes are abated.

Not only does Tempe provide a home for the University but it also does for the vibrant crowd of University students. Downtown Tempe has quite a few places that cater to the large student population because the university is just adjacent to downtown. There is no shortage of hole in the wall places to get a meal and coffee houses to study in. If you visit anywhere adjacent to the university in Tempe, you will find many students doing what students do on any given day. With the abundance of traffic due to the vibrant business community in Tempe and the University, it is not uncommon that Vehicles need assistance. When that happens the local towing companies such as Pick It Up Towing who you can find there are available to provide roadside assistance or any kind of tow truck service you need.

Tempe also provides mini leisure activities.  One very nice place to visit is the Tempe Riverwalk. It has a wonderful Park and is not far from downtown Tempe. Make sure to visit Tempe Town Lake while you are there also. In the cooler months, it is a great place to take in an outdoor concert at the amphitheater swallowed up by some fine dining in the multitude of restaurants and cafes local to the area. Access to the park is Easy by car or by the Light Rail system. Some very fortunate people actually live in the area with the residential development nearby. It really is one of the Premier places in Tempe Arizona.

So don’t miss jumping in your car and driving on Mill Avenue and enjoy the Tempe lifestyle. Because of the heat in Arizona, many of the sidewalks in downtown Tempe are shaded with overhangs. This makes it much more enjoyable during the hot months.


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Internet Presence

Can you imagine a business now a days without some kind of an internet presence or website? Is unlikely any modern day business would function well without some kind of a web site for people to find them. The days of using telephone books are probably over for the most part. Letting your fingers do the walking as the old advertisement said by going through the yellow pages and a physical book are probably no longer valid. In today’s modern world the yellow pages exist in a digital form and not in a physical form.

So what are some of the things that can help a small business have an effective internet presence? Clearly having a website is step number one. But just having a website doesn’t mean that people will find you. Unless your website will rank for a specific keyword search term people are unlikely to find you on the Internet. What this means is Continue reading Internet Presence

Marketing 101 ish

What exactly is marketing? What is good marketing vs bad marketing or non-effective marketing? Any business owner interested gaining new business is very interested in this. To that end it is necessary for good business owners to have at least a cursory understanding how to market their business or products.
So what are the most important components in marketing your business? Studies have surprisingly shown that most people will make a decision or be persuaded to take an action based upon how they view the person who is giving them information. This is very interesting because Continue reading Marketing 101 ish

The Automotive Industry Business

Truck FrontToday I want to write about auto related businesses. The sheer number of these businesses available to the consumer is astounding. From automobile dealers and manufacturers to cleaners to tire sales the number of vendors is endless. The advances in the technology for automobiles is also astounding. Just take tires for instance. Roughly 100 years ago tires would not survive much without getting a flat. Back then car owners would actually take a tire repair kit in the event of a flat tire. Look at tires today, they are capable of long periods at high speed and high temperature. They now have steel threads embedded into the rubber. The advancement in the technology and the manufacturing quantity is incredible.

One area where cars are highly needed is in Southern California. The large number of people living there is very large and people spend a great deal of time in their cars. No wonder there are so many nice cars in Southern California, they are almost a second home to many people with those long commutes. Another industry which is very big in Southern California is car washes and mobile auto detailing. With the abundance of cars it is necessary to keep them clean and in good repair. So how do you find a good repair man or a good auto detailer in the first place? I would start by asking friends and neighbors if they know of someone who did a good job for them and they can recommend. Beyond that we always have the Internet to search. With this tool it is easy to find quality service people for mobile detailing and car washing and things of that nature. If you ever drive by a car wash in Southern California on a Saturday it is likely to be full. With the very nice weather and an abundance of cars and time spent in them people do tend to take good care of their cars there.

Sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to leave your car at home and take some other form of transportation. From public transportation such as buses or light rail you may have other ways to get around town if you live in an area with these types of transportation. But there can be times when we want to pamper ourselves to ride in a limo service to where we want to go. Whether it’s an anniversary or some other special occasion treating ourselves to this can be a whole lot of fun. Again the amount of technology that has been put into limos pretty incredible. Spend some time looking on the internet at all the different types of limousines available. Limousine companies have spent a lot of money to create some pretty spectacular rides. From the simple town car all the way up to a completely decked out party bus and everything in between limo owners have spared no expense to create great rides for Continue reading The Automotive Industry Business

Be Your Own Boss

Are you working at a nine to five job that is just not cutting out for you? Do you feel like your choice of employment is getting in the way of your full potential and achieving your dreams? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then you are not alone. Millions of people feel exactly the same as you do. Thankfully some I found a way out of the typical rat race. The good thing is you can too. This is possible through creating your own small business. Small businesses are popping up everywhere and becoming the new black! If you have a hobby or skill it can be used as an idea for your small business. You may be wondering, “What are the benefits of owning your own business?” Well, one big plus is you don’t have to work for that grouchy manager that always has a stick up his butt. Another is you don’t have to be around those evil coworkers that you swear they have it out for you. Finally, one giant benefit is that you are going to be doing something that you feel passionate about and won’t consider it as just a mediocre job.

How to Get Started

Many would like to be entrepreneurs but they don’t know where Continue reading Be Your Own Boss

Business Owner Life

Not everyone has owned a business and not everyone understands the large work and effort it takes to run a business. Those that have run a business have learned the extra mile that they have to go every day to make sure everything is working well. Not a day goes by without some kind of fire to put out some kind of unforeseen event.


But the reality for most business owners is that they get to make the plan and they get to enjoy the benefits and freedoms of time to use of their work. But that certainly comes at a price it’s not always easy.


Some of the challenges that most business owners face is the stress and pressure of making sure there is income to make the payroll. Another very common difficulty is Continue reading Business Owner Life